Dear friends, we are unveiling the merch of the 14th installment of our/your Czech metal feast! Available as usual at the CDF merch stand on the main festival grounds.

Watch the video: Aborted | Grave | NECROPHOBIC | Misery Index | Atrocity | Fleshcrawl

This year, our festival is proud to have received the CLEAN FESTIVAL certification, meaning that we recycle! Recycling bins will be readily available to all visitors throughout the venue. Recyclable waste will also be collected by our cleaning staff that will keep the collection points clean. Plastics, paper and metallic cans collected will be then transferred to the sorting line and afterwards moved to secondary processing – recycling.

SYMBTOMY - Originally a project, now a regular band forming a bridge between the early 90´s and the present. Still hungry and preserved in the HM2 sound, the mediator guiding everyone (who wants to listen) across the river Styx. You will be able to taste their flamboyant vision, which protects old musical values, at ATC Brodský at MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2023.

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