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The purpose of this document is to familiarise you with the use of cookies on this website and explain how to set up and manage consent to the use of cookies on these sites.

Basic information

The law states that we can save cookies to your device if they are necessary for the operation of this website. We need your consent for all other types of cookies.

This site uses various types of cookies (essential, analytical, social media, and marketing). Some cookies are placed by the services of third parties that appear on our website.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of data that our servers send to your computer and which allow the better use of this website and the tailoring of its content to your needs.

Virtually every website in the world uses cookies. Cookies increase the user friendliness of a revisited website, and as such are important for you. If you use the same computer and same internet browser to visit our website, cookies help your computer remember the sites you visited and your settings of the sites.


Third-party cookies

The cookies of operators of advertising systems used on this site (such as YouTube or Vimeo) or social media cookies (such as Facebook) may also be placed on your computer via this website.


Cookie management

Standard browsers (Safari, Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) support cookie management. Using the browser settings, you can manually delete or block individual cookies or completely forbid their use, and it is also possible to block or permit them for individual websites. You can obtain more detailed information by using your browser’s help documentation. If you have cookie use permitted in your browser, we will assume that you agree with the use of essential cookies by this server.

You can allow or reject other cookies (analytical, social media, and marketing cookies) upon your first visit. The website will continue to work. And at any time you can change or revoke your consent to the use of cookies using Cookie setting tools.


We only use cookies for purely technical purposes, we do not merge data obtained via them with any other data, and we work with cookies in such a way that it is impossible to identify concrete persons.

The policy was last updated on April 10, 2023.