Dear friends, the history of this year’s installment of our/your Czech metal feast is coming to a close, however, only to recommence in the year that is to come.

Dear friends, before we react to the strategy of gradual lifting of emergency meassures that was introduced yesterday and which among other things concerns cultural events, we will give it bit more time still, in case the plan gets changed. In the meantime, there are more pleasant things to consider.

Dear friends, As we announced last week, today we would like to update you further regarding our position as to whether the 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast will happen or not by presenting you the options we are working with at the moment to keep you in the loop. As the, shall we say, uncertain season prevails given the current development, there are currently three scenarios in play for us.

Dear friends, as we declared last week, we are proceeding as planned, so our festival infoservice is back with another annoucement, and since the line-up is complete, we shall consider today the logistics of your stay on the upcoming 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast.