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Death metal | Established 2021 | NL | Facebook



Old school death metal is very popular at the moment. The bands that set the direction of the genre are at the peak of popularity and many other great bands are following them. But just outside the shadows of those main spotlights at the biggest festivals, an endless line of bands that are on the same level in quality but may not have had the necessary luck of "being in the right place at the right time" are waiting for their chance to get into the wide global awareness. One of such bands is the Dutch NECROTESQUE. Their death metal is a first class experience and an expedition into the most dank dungeons in which this genre was created. They are a new band, formed in 2021, but made up of experienced musicians. They have one album to their credit so far - "The Perpetuated Festering" from last year. Fans and critics praised it as very well done... you have something to look forward to!