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Death metal | Established 1984 | US | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp



MASSACRE will exclusively play the complete cult album „From Beyond“!

They are one of the creators of the death metal movement. They have one of the most important death albums "From Beyond" to their credit, as well as a lot of great gigs and personnel troubles that made fans not know if they just buried the hatchet or put the band on ice for a while. The former has been the case for a few years now, and in 2024 they will celebrate a round anniversary - forty years since their formation! Their singer Kam Lee and bassist Mike Borders have been in the band the longest, both since 1985. When they both look back on the band's history, they must be proud. Still, there is one black spot in their showcase of achievements, something they have never accomplished and something they will accomplish in the year of their 40th birthday - playing at the Brodak! Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a real Massacre! And to make it a real celebration, look forward to a complete playback of the legendary track "From Beyond"!

It will be the only concert of Kam Lee's party in the Czech Republic in 2024!