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Broďák announces a bomb of global significance! The Czech Death fest has already presented several bands that were among the world stars of their genre. Most of them belonged to the elite of death metal or black metal craft. This time around, Broďák will feature a name that might surprise you, but mainly it will be the biggest thing you will see on the CDF stage. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you... CLAWFINGER! This Swedish crew started combining edgy rap with metal music back in 1989, and with their original mix they immediately started to gather legions of fans and gradually played bigger and bigger events. They have also won two Grammy Awards during their career! It will be an absolutely unforgettable experience at the annual Czech Death Fest. Are you looking forward to it?
We absolutely are!

We're delighted to bring you this unique band to bring you thanks to the support of our friends at Blackfin, who will be celebrating five years of existence, and owner Jirka will be celebrating 50th birthday. This 550 combo will also be behind other events at our festival.