Dear friends, the popular competition is here again, this time with a prize worth 30 liters of beer that you can then enjoy on the 14th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. Same as last time, answer correctly our question belowbe the selected winner and the bounty is yours. So, what it is now that we are asking? 


We recorded ten drummers on the MGCDF 22. Check them out in the video.



And email us the names of the bands they performed with at MGCDF 22. You must correctly identify at least 7 of them. Please give the answer in the format 1 band name, 2 band name, etc.

Send your answers via email to soutez(at) until December 31, 2022. Please write "Beer23" as your email's subject.

From all the correct answers, we will subsequently pick one winner, who will receive a voucher for 60 beers to be used on MGCDF 2022 in the festival beer tent. If you are the lucky one, we will mail you to the address from which your answer was sent.

So, good luck!