Dear friends, your second chance to win, this time free beer on the upcoming 14th installment of our/your Czech metal feast is done. So, how did it end up this time?  

Movie from MG CDF 2022 showed ten drummers. Your competition task was: identify their band names.  

Correct answer:

  1. Neurotic Machinery
  2. Voluptas
  3. Profanity
  4. Force Of Hell
  5. Tortharry
  6. Horrible Creatures
  7. Et Moriemur
  8. Dying Passion
  9. Čad
  10. Impaled Nazarene

We received 51 answers in total, of which 27 were correct.

From those came the the lucky winner, whom we shall contact soon vis-á-vis the email his/her answer was sent. Congrats!  

There are more chances still coming, so if you fell short, worry not and stay tuned.