Doomy recital of the Grand Magus | Established 1994 | CZ | Facebook

Jiří “BigBoss” Valter returns to MGCDF! This Grand Magus, the Czech first and foremost infernal extraordinaire and the vocalist of the iconic Root surely needs no introduction, as his name resonates far and wide, all the more because in late last year the Maestro came with the last full-length of his solo project BIGBOSS BAND. Entitled “Než zemřu”, this piece is one big reminiscence on the life of this notable artist and persona of the Czech scene. With it, BIGBOSS BAND is also concluding its active years, with only few select shows to be had, wherein the epilogue of this outfit shall be written. Of course, the gloomy recital of the Grand Magus will not miss out MGCDF and you should not miss him! And do not be surprised, if it brings a tear into your eye.