Alternative atmospheric post-rock | Established 2010 | CZ | Facebook

If you guessed that it is with TENGRI that Drom are working on a new split album, then you are correct. There are friendly ties between both acts, with the former guitarist of Drom, Rodrigo, now being part of TENGRI. It is not much of a surprise then that this Prague-based outfit is also traversing the post-music territories. Their creations are purely instrumental, with the incorporation of violin, which gives their sound a distinct dimension. This is however no simple pose, as what matters for this band is the joy of creation and the spiritual enrichment that music brings. Every step TENGRI take thus comes naturally from within the musicians themselves. Their discography features two full-lengths, with the most recent being “Ekliptika” from 2017 that revolves around the transitory nature of life, which is different for every individual, yet as such same for everyone. There is however more to be discerned in the music of TENGRI, so tune in to their atmospheric vibes on MGCDF. You will not be disappointed.