Progressive/rock/metal/folk | Established 2012 | CZ | Facebook

After two years, the Czech post-rock visionaries are returning to MGCDF, this time to present not only the old-time classics, but more importantly the songs from their brand new full-length “Oakvyl”. This so far most mature piece of theirs marks a definitive rebirth from a project to a full-fledged band. So, if few years back some could point to a difference between the studio and live versions of their compositions, then since “Oakvyl” this is no longer the case. That said, all the signature traits of POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM remain, whereby those enjoying colorful post-rock opuses, as well as those sworn to the weird universe of H.P. Lovecarft, will not be disappointed. No wonder then that “Oakvyl” is gaining acclaim far and wide. If you have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing this new chapter of PFA, MGCDF 2020 thus brings you the ideal opportunity. Do not miss it.