Sympho melodic metal w/ death metal edge | Established 2006 | CZ | Facebook

One of the foremost bands of the Brno metal scene that is at the same time at the forefront of Czech melodic-death metal-metalcore. Such are ARCH OF HELL. Established in 2006 more as a symphonic metal act, the band gradually moved towards a more modern and harder metal sound, which is clear already on the latest album “Freakshow” from 2016. Their current style is based on hard guitar riffs of the excellent tandem Kozdič-Childy, the melodic lines of the keyboard player Molly and on the contrast of two distinct vocals – the clean ones of the frontwoman Terka and the harsh ones of the forceful Štěpi. And we are sure that similar approach will mark also the new full-length of AoH that should be released before MGCDF 2020, which means that in June, we will get to enjoy not only the new stuff, but also the energetic performance that only ARCH OF HELL can deliver.