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CARONTE (the Italian name for Charon, the mythical ferryman in the underworld) was established in 2010 by the vocalist Dorian Bones. This heavy acid-doom metal act infuses their music with occultism, esotericism and the work of the mage Aleister Crowley, to whom the first of the thus far three CARONTE full-lengths was dedicated. With their latest album “Wolves of Thelema”, released December 7, these gentlemen open a new chapter in their musical vision, as this piece summons forces from truly otherworldly dimensions and takes its listener on a grand occult pilgrimage to the most mysterious recesses of the cosmos. CARONTE intend to properly introduce this obscure recording on a January tour alongside Enthroned, while we will have the opportunity in June, when this mystical doom-stoner piece will sound on MGCDF 2020.