Post-rock/ambient/psychedelic | Established 2017 | CZ | Facebook

The ELBE project is a particularly noteworthy collaboration of two notable names of the Czech progressive scene, i.e. of Standa Jelínek from the progressive rock melancholiacs Dying Passion and of Martin “Spacosh” Peřina from the progressive metal/ambient act Between The Planets. How so ever the name may lead to the conclusion that this project relates to the Elbe river, it is not the case, and the origin of the name must be sought in a different place. Specifically, somewhere within the Jeseníky region, wherein once stood a small village named Elbe, now long gone. And it is to this rather mystical place that Standa Jelínek has a close relation, drawing from it the inspiration that lead to the founding of the ELBE project. Given the musical roots of both gentlemen and their home bands, it is no surprise that ELBE reflects a shared affection to post rock, ambient, psychedelia, and to emotive and atmospheric music in general. In such a vein are then both the debut album “Sudety” from 2018 and the current single “The Terminal Summit” that appeared indeed recently in November. It foreshadows a new album that should be harder and darker than its predecessor, though not missing the ethereal and mystical vibe. A significant change is to be the inclusion of vocals on all tracks. Since MetalGate Czech Death Fest is no stranger to calmer and atmospheric acts, we will continue this tradition precisely with ELBE, whose particular vein of music will transport us to Jeseníky to relate to us the moving history of this enigmatic region.