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The performance of HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ on MGCDF 2019 will be remembered for a long time, for as soon as these infernals hit the stage on the last festival day, all hell broke loose, both on the stage and everywhere else, as a majestic thunderstorm arrived on the site. If you were there, you know what we are talking about. HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ however played their part, left behind a scorched earth (as is proper for a fine black metal mayhem) and disappeared back to the Prague underground, where their lair is in a fallout shelter number 6. Inside, these radioactive lizards further perfected their art and then reappeared on several shows, for example as a supporting act for Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals or on the Prague show of the Order of Evil minitour that was headlined by iconic Hellenic black metal horde Varathron. In combination with their eponymous debut full-length that was unleashed in February 2019, HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ is thus dutifully disturbing the waters of the Czech black metal, doing it in their signature hardcore-punk style, for it is this subculture that their origins primarily stem from. As a result, their lyrics do reflect upon complex social issues. Add to that the fact these lizards are also truly hardcore supporters of all human and animal rights organizations, it becomes clear that under the umbrella of HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ there congregates the pitch-black black metal, the punk energy and philosophy and the occasional doom metal influence. And we can hardly wait what new devilry will be unleashed on MGCDF 2020, when their signature intro of “Hello, this is Lucifer!” will start rolling. This is something no one wants to miss, correct?