Post-black/shoegaze | Established 2016 | CZ | Facebook

You may recall that MGCDF 2019 was to witness the return of the Czech post-black/shoegaze act DÆRRWIN, but due to sudden complications they were unable to perform in the end. No matter, for DÆRRWIN are now heading to MGCDF 2020, to the delight of all, who revel in the alternative currents of metal, as apparent from their aforementioned style classification. Since their inception three years ago, DÆRRWIN gained wider acclaim on one hand with their debut full-length “Uv’derekh” that belongs to the top ranks within the subgenre, and on the other hand with an intense streak of live shows both at home and abroad. Additionally, these gentlemen are also known for their strong involvement in the protection of life in all its shapes and forms, as well as of the environment in which we all live, which logically gets reflected in their music. On MGCDF 2020 you will thus have a chance not only to enjoy a state-of-the-art post-black made in Czech Republic, but also to ponder, at least a little, the “Quo vadis, homine” question.