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Truth be told, we initially intended to come up with our own characteristic of SECTESY. Really. But then we remembered that these guys are not only able to compose a kick-ass death metal blast, but also have an equal talent for description, as they consider themselves as “Pathologically lazy and stubbornly backward barrage of musical perversity. This band literally gurgles with synonyms for gracefully moldering past which amalgamates with the corrosive desire “to be preserved” in what is nowadays openly despised. In other words, old school, kick-ass death metal from Kolín for all the old-timers out there!” At this point, we can but add that SECTESY shall present on MGCDF their latest EP “Jesus Christ Superlunch” that was released this July. All fans of such an old-school mayhem are more than welcomed to congregate by our lakeside for a grand reminiscence. Ok?!