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No surprise there, correct? There is simply no imagining of MGCDF without TORTHARRY! These veterans of the Czech death metal have played on every single installment of our/your Czech metal feast, and they co-organize it as well, which all our regular attendees surely know. And since it is equally no secret that their discography contains nine full-lengths thus far, and behind their belt are countless live shows around Europe, as well as overseas, in Latin America for example, let us run through what they have been up to since the last MGCDF: a short, yet intense tour in Poland with Hypnos and Bloodphemy, more festival appearances, including upcoming performances on the Ear Demolition Festival in Germany and the Eradication Fest in London, and still to come are also some Czech shows, e.g. alongside the iconic Krisiun in Brno. Beside all that, TORTHARRY are of course gearing up for MGCDF 2020, wherein the pit will be joined for such blasts as “100% Follower”, “Tennosei no Tenshi” or “Without A Break”.