Black metal/progressive | Established 1887 | GB | Facebook

The Gentlemen’s Club of A FOREST OF STARS are a collection of 19th century vaudeville, classical and burlesque musicians, inspired by the teachings of their ages’ greatest writers, composers, artists and mediums. Their intention is to appoint a fusion of black metal, romanticism, the occult, psychedelia, folk and the improprieties of madness into one unsightly whole, much against the wishes of both Her Majesty’s Government and indeed fashionable society at large. They describe their music as a failed attempt to reach out to the celestial glory of the unconquerable cosmos through the deepest, cloying, incense-choked, dimly lit attic of their spiritually corrupt minds; a messy, highly flawed journey awash with violins, flutes, Middle Eastern percussion, doggerel verse, opium, karimbas, claret, base chants and grossly un-profound meanderings all wrapped into a filthy, threadbare blanket of black metal. On MGCDF 2019, A FOREST OF STARS hereby invite you to an ethanol soaked and laudanum fuelled traverse through the highways and byways of a shadow world populated by venomous villains and corrupt clergy, whirling endlessly through the infinite, cold void of space. Sometimes there’s even music involved.