Brutal death/grind | Established 2007 | CZ | Facebook

Prague-base squad established as a joint venture between various notable personalities of the local extreme scene. The line-up of Žlababa (Brutally Deceased or Heaving Earth), Cifron (ex-Poppy Seed Grinder), Gábin and Nikola (ex-Sarcom) determined the musical direction of the utmost brutal death with significant anti-disco vibe, which is also reflected in the band name itself. In 2015, SHAMPOON KILLER unleashed their opening salvo of fury with “666: The Battle of Discopylae”, prompting all the “shampoos” far and wide to run for their lives, as since then, their safety was no longer assured. And if one of those ran to Červený Kostelec, he will have to seek safe haven elsewhere after SHAMPOON KILLER roll over MGCDF 2019. The rest is cordially invited into the moshpit to make hell!