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To be honest, none of us here at MGCDF have any special knowledge of medicine and/or surgery, but from what we found out, craniotomy (also known as osteoplastic trepanation) is one of several types of brain surgery, during which a piece of the skull is removed. Apparently, the skull is first drilled into, and then the bone is cut through in between the holes (and good luck getting this image out of all our heads). In any case, it was this term that inspired in 1998 a group of guys from Slovakia, who decided to make music in kind. Lead by Roman Halmo (guitars) and Lukáš Šiška (drums), CRANIOTOMY stepped onto a path of brutal death metal, and they have been successfully following it ever since, as attested by numerous live shows (including being the support for the iconic Suffocation) and five full-length albums, with the first two being hopelessly sold out (a relief came in 2017, when the first three recordings were re-released on a compilation “Old Poetry of Rotting Flesh”). The band is in full force, one show follows another, and there is little doubt that on MGCDF, CRANIOTOMY will orchestrate a helluva cut through any and all skulls.