Drum'n'bass gigolo goregrind | Established 2000 | CZ | Facebook

The heavy caliber of (not only) Czech goregrind scene that describes its music, aptly, as “drum'n'bass gigolo goregrind”, for it features drums, bass, vocals and nothing else, and follows, music-wise as well as lyrics-wise, all the written and unwritten rules of goregrind. Since the beginning, the goal of the band has been to play extreme music with the most original concept possible. Now, nearly 20 years later, is it clear that such mission was accomplished. Four acclaimed full-lengths, a headliner tour over Mexico, as well as appearance on With Full Force, Neurotic Death Fest, Grindhoven or Brutal Assault all speak to renown of SPASM. This year MGCDF joins the list to our delight, and we are looking forward for all the mayhem that is sure to happen.