Post-black/sludge | Established 2018 | BE | Facebook

Belgian post-black/sludge gem that was at the onset of 2018 still hidden in the underground of their home city of Ghent. By Spring however, the wheels are finally set into motion with first live shows and preparations for a debut creation. Soon after the band caught the attention of ConSouling Records, under which their eponymous debut EP is released on November 9, presenting a striking sound of dark guitar riffs, massive bass lines, complex drums and vocals rising from the deepest abyss. The outcome reflects the innermost layers of human psyche, where positivity is of course not the order of the day. And this is precisely what to expect from KUAR NHIAL on MGCDF. Never mind the bone chilling freeze and the sun turning black during their show, for this darkened existential beauty is something you cannot miss.