The French outfit DESTINITY revels in heavyweight metal since the mid-90s. From their initial direction of symphonic black/death, the band gradually shifted to melodic death metal, which meant an international breakthrough. After all, DESTINITY are very much capable of fusing the extreme with hymnic choruses and guitar lines that sear into one’s memory. Hence, their music is accessible to a wide range of metal fans, making them a great band for summer festivals! Last year, DESTINITY released a brand-new opus “In Continuum”, which makes clear that even after a quarter of a century on the scene, the band does not live off its past achievements, but is marching uncompromisingly forward. And should you wish to explore what came before, try for example their 2008 full-length “The Inside”! Their appearance on such iconic festivals as Hellfest Open Air, Summer Breeze or Turock Open Air further speaks to the qualities of DESTINITY.


“Misery index” is a macroeconomic indicator that is the sum of the unemployment rate and the rate of inflation. When the American economist Arthur Okun introduced it in the 70s, he of course had no idea that his construct will enter the world of death metal some 30 years later. All it took was Jason Netherton and Kevin Talley leaving the iconic Dying Fetus to pursue their own music vision. Along with the guitarist and vocalist Mike Harrison, they thus formed a new band, and since even this outfit focused lyrically more on socio-political issues than the customary death metal butchery, the name MISERY INDEX was aptly chosen. Initially just a studio project, it quickly grew into a full-fledged band that has been conquering the death/grind territories for some 20 years now, with six full-lengths, a live album and various EPs, splits and singles. And when it comes to live shows, that is a chapter in and of itself. In terms of numbers we are talking about more than 1000 performances in more than 40 countries, both the usual destination and the more exotic ones (such as Turkey, Columbia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia or Iceland). MISERY INDEX of course performed on all the biggest and most notable festivals in the world (be it Wacken, Hellfest or Brutal Assault) and appeared alongside such icons as Nile, Cannibal Corpse or Deicide. In short, MISERY INDEX have done it all and as evident from the latest developments they are still very much alive.


In the ten-year history of POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM, Czech Death Fest is a significant milestone. It was on the shore of Brodský Pond many years ago that they played one of the first concerts with the album OCEANIZE, which started a rich discography, appearance on several tours and the biggest festivals. It is with this record that they are going on a special anniversary tour, where they will play the whole album from start to finish, including a selection of songs from other albums! Let's celebrate ten years together!


SHAMPOON KILLER - death/grind from Prague, created in 2007 by members of the bands Brutally Deceased, Poppy Seed Grinder, Psychotic Despair or Sarcom. This means only one thing. You will have the honor of being with the right people in the right place looking forward to an extreme crossover where you will find, beyond death metal, a lot of thrash, grind and hardcore ideas with a groovy feeling supported by two crushing vocals. Friends, let's welcome the "Shampoooooos".


TRAHIR – The four Prague shamans tickle the ear canals with music reeking of 70's hard rock, which is violently fried with punchy stoner metal and all of this choral loaded in mouflon musk. Get ready for a truly psychedelic session that, accompanied by fat riffs, will lead you down the ancient path of wizards, druids or lichs, and will undoubtedly make you want to dig into the low-tuned strings and dive headlong into the doom haze of burning herbs.


Enjoy a more bands soon!

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