We are very happy to introduce you one of the most fundamental Swedish bands that was at the origin of the European wave of death metal. Yes, it's none other than Swedish killers GRAVE. This cult band probably doesn't need any further introduction, because everyone who likes death metal knows them very well. The albums “Into the Grave”, “You'll Never See” or even “Souless” belong to the most fundamental that was created in the north of Europe and we are convinced that these albums occupy an honorable place in your metal collections. You have a lot to look forward to! GRAVE for the second time at MetalGate Czech Death Fest!


PANYCHIDA was founded in Pilsen in 2004. After five studio albums, many concerts in the Czech Republic, Europe, but also in more distant waters, the band gradually developed from its pagan roots into a distinguished mixture of black metal with classic heavy influences. Stylistically they present themselves as "Blackened Heavy Metal". In 2020, PANYCHIDA renewed its contract with the leading German underground label Folter Records and released the album "Gabreta Aeterna" - the winning album of the Břitva poll. The entire album is dedicated to the history and traditions of the wonderful Šumava. After this successful venture comes the mini-album "Říruřec : Dreisessel" (2022), recorded in a new line-up with Jakub Bayer on drums.


REVEL IN FLESH was formed in autumn 2011 with the clear agenda to deliver Death Metal in the classical early 90ies style. The debut album “Deathevokation” had a deadly impact as one of the first releases of the “New wave of German Death Metal”. Throughout five full length albums, over ten split vinyl releases and sampler contributions the band developer an own sort of branding, while keeping their Death Metal inspired by the early European bands, but mixed with more melodic and gloomy elements, too.


SEARCH AND DESTROY will play their premiere here. The Pilsen melodic deathcore machine has been active on the scene for more than 10 years. The gentlemen from our “Beer metropolis” have already released 3 EPs. They will present the current release "Hell is empty, all the devils are here" from 2021. Who are the devils among us? Why is hell empty? And who is he waiting for now…? That will hammer SEARCH AND DESTROY into your head


Enjoy a more bands soon!

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