We've been trying to book this band for several years and still haven't been able to sign them for various reasons. But now it finally happened. From Flanders, death metal brutality and aggression with the energy of a nuclear power plant are coming. For over two and a half decades, Belgium's ABORTED have been representatives of death metal ferocity. At the same time, they are a forward-thinking band in the death/grind genre, so basically every new album of theirs will cause a proper stir and passionate discussions. The last, eleventh studio album "ManiaCult" is a good example of this. If anyone doesn't want to live from the past, they are the ABORTED crushers.


BOHEMYST (ex-MASTER'S HAMMER, ex-AVENGER), masters of their field! Next year the band will celebrate five years of its existence. It started in 2017, when AVENGER rised from the ashes and have been performing since then. This year was released by the renowned publisher Hammerheart Rcs. / Petrichor their long-awaited debut album "Black and Death" which is having very positive reviews. The album brings very colorful material, oscillating in the triangle of black, death and doom metal. Epic musical compositions are interspersed with frantic rhythms and varied guitar solos. The overall concept is illustrated by interesting orchestrations and proud lyrics in czech. This is a real unadulterated bohemian dark metal! Their name is BOHEMYST.


MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM - these nice guys from Uherské Hradiště and the surrounding area do not need much introduction. Their uncompromising South Moravian folklore will get everyone dancing in front of the stage. "Killy, Kocour, Mára, Jeffrey a Saky" will bring the best of the new 8th album and celebrate 30 years of the band's existence with all of you. We believe that their death metal will ring in your ears for a long time to come. Please welcome our long-time friends.


MINOR will play here for the very first time. From the north of Slovakia, they will bring a pumped-up mixture of death metal subgenres from "old school", through elements of modern metal, supported by an unconventional "melodic growling" voice with a lot of accents and changes in voice positions. Their music is based on clear and distinct song structures with distinctive guitar riffs. Mysticism, esotericism, magic, spirituality, the philosophy of "Thelema", all this and much more, this is MINOR.


Enjoy a more bands soon!

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