BLOODY OBSESSION, the “Chachars” from Orlová have been traveling the Czech metal waters since 2009. We will welcome them back here after five years. You shouldn't miss the honest, precise, old school death metal of the nineties of the last century which is woven throughout the work of this band. BLOODY OBSESSION has been playing in the same rails during all their existence. No style changes were accepted. Walter Morbid, Pentaroth, Ovarus, Rawar and Mikro will present you the true death metal with a black metal touch icluding very catchy melodic lines.


After two years, please welcome again the band FLESHLESS to our festival roster. This grindcore/death metal machine needs no introduction. The boys are about to celebrate a respectable 30 years on the metal scene. It will be a blast. Even after such a long time on the scene, Fleshless are in full force and belong to the best that our metal scene can offer.


HYPNOS - a jewel not only of the Czech death/metal scene, will take part of our line-up after six long years. It's been almost a quarter of a century since this group of great musicians united around the leader "Bruno", who is undoubtedly one of the most important figures of the death metal scene in our country, has been roaming world stages. After the breakup of KRABATHOR, in 1999 Bruno and Pegas formed HYPNOS. They will come to us to present the very best that our metal scene has to offer.


What do you imagine under the style name: Ultimate methane core? This band from Ostrava will hammer that directly into your head. A mixture of hardcore, death, metalcore but also punk. Believe us, the guys are not any extras on the stage! The circle pit will be spinning!


SPASM represent the best of the CZ grincore scene and their unmistakable "drum 'n' bass gigolo goregrind" has been entertaining fans all over the world for a respectable 23 years. We will welcome them to our roster for the third time because this unique crazy show is always great and full of fun. It´s guaranteed that this oddball duo (I + R) will get you into the best dancing mood.


Enjoy a more bands soon!

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