Dear friends, the golden ale from PRIMÁTOR brewery goes hand in hand with our/your Czech metal feast from day one. To celebrate this long-term partnership and bring it to the next level, this year you can look forward to a limited edition of English Pale Ale, which Primátor is brewing exclusively for our festival!

Dear friends, today we have one other announcement for you, though on a purely light note. The pastimes of the 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast will not be just about afterparties, but your surely favorite skill contests are once again in play.

Dear friends, even this year's installment of MGCDF shall unfortunatelly not avoid a change in the line-up. As we learned, there has been a break-up of the current line-up of the U.S. death metal squad SKINNED and until a new one is formed, the band is alas unable to play live. To the roster of MGCDF 2019 we thus welcome a new name - the symphonic extreme metal pack SHADE EMPIRE from Finland!

Dear friends, as we finished last time, so shall we continue today, since we bring you another addition to the list of pastimes for the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast.