Let’s head on to yet another batch of confirmed bands, shall we? So that you can even more excited. Today it will be somewhat monothematic genre-wise, but all the more extreme! So, get ready for:

Greetings in the new year our friends! It is time to get back to our coverage pertaining to the eighth installment of your favorite Czech metal feast, so let's get straight to business, for here is the next batch of confirmed bands. Today, it will be, genre-wise, a diverse bunch. Get ready for:

Since we have been on the subject of Christmas (and psychedelics) we shot for you a seasons greeting that turned out in the end so dada that would make even Marcel Duchamp envious :-)

Today we have truly a Christmas gift for you, that is, the name of the final headliner of the eighth installment of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest!