Dear friends, today we have one other announcement for you, though on a purely light note. The pastimes of the 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast will not be just about afterparties, but your surely favorite skill contests are once again in play.

As usual, we preapred for you four disciplines, wherein you can win free tickets to MGCDF 2020! So what gives this time?

1) A novelty. Have you ever tried to mummify someone using a toilet paper? If yes, good for you. If not, you can try out on MGCDF 2019. All you will need is someone else willing to be mummified, we will handle the material.

2) Since you mastered the beer keg throw to perfection, this year, we are substituting it for a beer crate (which we may still modify somehow to make it herder to throw).

3) In timed beer consumption, you also already have practice, which is why this time, we are adding to it a shot of rum and a biscuit. And it is up to you in what order and manner you will consume these.

4) The nailing game became such a pastime classic that this year it shall get a grand finale as part of the contests. Who needs training may begin so.

Complete information about the pastimes of vol.11 can be found here.