Dear friends, as we finished last time, so shall we continue today, since we bring you another addition to the list of pastimes for the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast.

As the program for Thursday's night is taken care of, there is still the question of how to wrap up the second day of our festival. And that is why we concocted a second afterparty, the Friday's Night Jam, starring the Czech actor Leoš Noha, who is pretty much already at home on MGCDF, though thus far we have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing his musical talent. Until now. Supporting him will be a band put together from our ensemble, so what awaits you is a performance that will likely oscillate between stand-up, slam poetry and music improvisation (as we do not dare to guess the final form this takes).

In any case, it is something you also should not miss :-)

Enjoy and more next time!