Dear friends, as we mentioned before, the 10th anniversary is not only a reason for a celebration, but also for a reminiscence and recollection of all that transpired on the shores of Lake Brodský in those past years. Surely there was plenty.

However, memory is an unreliable thing. In time memories fade and some 20, 30 years, there will be little left. Thus, we would like to ask you, the loyal fans of our festival, the recall your stories from the previous nine installments and let us know (via email, FB, mail, simply as you like) what magnificent, terrible, peculiar or singular things you experienced on our festival.

We all like to share our impressions from the shows, but there is plenty of occurrences that happened in a small circle of friends, in pairs, or in private, and which complete the unique atmosphere of this enterprise. Those are surely experiences worth sharing within our community, not to mention that we will have something more than our fading memories.

If you allow, we will publish your adventures on the festival website and FB page between January and April next year. Then, we, the organizers, shall meet and select one memory - the one that got us the most, and which we would like to use in one of the clips commemorating ten years of MG CDF.

Down the memory lane then!