Dear friends, we started it last time and we shall continue this year. By "it" we mean the various leisure activities and skill contests that you can try out on MGCDF.

Once again you can compete in hammering down nails, win something nice in the dart shooting gallery, or roast a wurst by the festival campfire. Also returning is the Gorgan Brothers Amazing Cinematograph that shall be screening films on Thursday and Friday evenings, as well as the festival raffle where you can win, among other things, tickets to various other festivals.

However, this year we are adding a few more skill contents, wherein the prize is tickets to the 10th anniversary installment of MGCDF next year. Try out how fast you can drink a bottle of beer, how far you can throw a keg, how many strikes on a drum you can make in 30 seconds, or how loud a noise your vocal cords can make.

Another matter happening on MGCDF 2017 relates to "Kniha kovu" by Václav Votruba. This book (the first part of a planned trilogy) that maps the development of Czech metal scene, and gained the Břitva award, was sold out soon after its release, but more copies will be available once again on MGCDF. Furthermore, the author himself shall drop by, so you can have your copy signed!

More info about all these other happenings can be found here.